Trusted retail security services and shopping centre security for Melbourne shops, retail stores, and shopping centres.

Managing crowds and retail environments in a way that keeps everyone safe and enjoying their shopping experience takes skill. Our specialised shopping centre and retail security solutions keep you, your customers and your assets safe.

We’re experienced

We’ve successfully protected people and retail assets throughout Melbourne, including ACNE Studios and KOOKAI. We provide protection through a variety of security solutions and have a proven track record in identifying potential issues and preventing incidents before they occur.

We’re trained

Our highly trained and experienced security people have the training and experience to handle the unique security challenges of retail and shopping centres. Our fully licensed security personnel are approachable, provide a reassuring visual presence and are always ready to help.


We’re responsive

We know that each shopping centre and retail establishment has its own unique security concerns. We work closely with our clients to develop customised security plans tailored to their specific needs.

Not sure what you need?

We also offer security consulting and advisory services to the retail sector.

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