Trusted 24/7 construction site security services and construction site surveillance in Melbourne for residential, commercial, and industrial developments.

A construction site must always run smoothly, safely and to code to stay open. And then there are the machinery, equipment and materials – you’ll need them to be there when you arrive for the day. We can protect against theft, vandalism, trespassing, and accidents on your construction site.

We’re experienced

We provide security protection for builders and developers across all sectors including industrial, commercial and residential. We provide comprehensive security solutions for construction sites of all sizes and complexities. Our experienced security guards keep your site safe by identifying potential security threats and preventing incidents before they occur.

We’re trained

Our highly trained security guards understand the unique security challenges of construction sites. As fully licensed security personnel, they’re expert in access control, surveillance, patrols, and emergency response.


We’re responsive

We understand the specialised security solutions needed on construction and industrial sites. Our tailored service will meet your specific site needs and keep your workers, machinery and materials safe.

Not sure what you need?

We also offer security consulting and advisory services to the construction industry.

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