Trusted hospitality security services and security guards for Melbourne restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, hotels, and event venues.

Managing crowds and venues in a way that keeps everyone safe while allowing service to unfold as planned – all while supporting patrons to have a good time – takes skill. Our specialised hospitality security solutions keep you, your customers and your assets safe.

We’re experienced

With years of experience providing security services to the Melbourne hospitality scene, our skilled security guards can address the specific security challenges of your venue with confidence. Our expertise safeguarding people, properties, and assets in the hospitality sector. Our techniques include patrols, static work, monitoring, and asset protection. We understand the importance of maintaining your hospitality establishment’s positive reputation and work to prevent incidents before they occur.

We’re trained

Our fully licensed and highly trained security personnel are trained to handle the security risks that come with large crowds in hospitality environments. Our training includes effective conflict resolution techniques, and regularly practising restraint and removal practices through real-life, scenario-based drills. With an emphasis on professionalism and exceptional customer service, our guards react promptly and decisively to ensure your guests feel comfortable and safe.


We’re responsive

We understand that each venue has its own unique security concerns. We take a proactive approach to security, working closely with you to identify potential risks and enhancing your security plan.

Not sure what you need?

We also offer security consulting and advisory services to the hospitality sector.

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