Experienced 24/7 mobile and static security patrol and monitoring services for industrial, commercial and construction sites in Melbourne.

Commercial, construction and industrial sites can be vulnerable to a wide range of security threats, from theft and vandalism to trespassing and accidents, especially after hours. We provide 24/7 patrol and surveillance so that you can rest easy.

We’re experienced

Our highly motivated and trained security guards can provide 24/7 protection for your assets using mobile patrols or static patrols, or a combination of both. Our guards are skilled at identifying potential security threats and preventing incidents before they occur, ensuring a safe and secure environment for workers and assets.

We’re trained

All Paradyme Security guards are trained to provide effective patrols, including access control, surveillance, mobile patrols, and emergency response. Our fully licensed security personnel manage conflict using effective resolution techniques, and practice restraint and removal practices through real-life, scenario-based drills. All of our guards complete induction training and adhere to our in-house guidelines, which include client care and conflict resolution techniques and have been developed in line with current industry regulations.


We’re responsive

Industrial, commercial and construction sites require specialised security solutions to maintain safety and security around the clock. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs, providing you with a comprehensive security plan and ensuring that all security concerns are addressed. We’re always calm, composed, and ready to act. We keep incidents to a minimum while working in alignment with your objectives and needs and adhering to your preferred methods of resolution.

We’ve got you

We offer exceptional mobile and static security patrol services and attention to detail. Our security guards and security personnel take a proactive and integrated approach to their roles.

Choosing Paradyme Security for your security needs means you can trust that your site will be well-protected, and your assets and employees will be safe.

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