Alarm response

Timely and effective alarm response security personnel in Melbourne for retail, hospitality, industrial and commercial settings.

There’s no point having an alarm system in place if it’s not being effectively monitored and responded to. We respond to alarm systems on your property or industrial location so that you can rest easy.

We’re experienced

Our highly motivated security guards are quick to respond to alarm notifications and can be first on the scene to check for signs of intrusion, damage, or other security breaches. Our trained security guards investigate and respond to incidents at all hours of the day and night across a range of settings, including retail, industrial, and commercial.

We’re trained

Our guards have been trained in the appropriate actions to minimise losses, damage, or risks to properties, in line with alarm response procedures set out by Victoria Police. All Paradyme Security guards understand correct procedures and processes for safely responding to all types of alarms.


We’re responsive

Our guards work closely with our clients to integrate into your workplace effectively and seamlessly. We can provide recommendations on the type of alarm system most appropriate for your unique requirements and act in accordance with your preferred methods of resolution. In the case of an incident when an alarm is activated, we receive your alert on our systems and respond quickly to secure your property and respond to any threats. We’re always calm, composed and ready to act.

We’ve got you

Choosing Paradyme Security means you can trust that your property and people are in safe hands.

We offer exceptional customer service and take a proactive and integrated approach to alarm system setup, alarm response, and incident management.

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